Halloween Comic Special 2018

Three old witches drinking a rejuvenation potion to become a adorable little girls in this Halloween’s night. Now they’re are pretty cute and a very horny to playing sex games with each others! Also, Lolihentai wishes you all a spooky Halloween!

Type: 3D hentai comix | Artist: Maya | 22 pics

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Padoga’s hentai collection vol.3

Very cute and beautiful girls (includes a furry lolis, too) from popular cartoons (mostly) enjoying sweet raw sex with other boys, girls, men and even a monsters! Wet and tasty pussies of cute little girls are must be fucked deeply!

Type: hentai images | Artist: Padoga | 71 pics, 2 gif-animations

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Pervert family saga part 2

Continuation of this saga about brother and his two horny sisters. But now an even more slutty orgy awaits you: big-boobed granny is coming! More hard sex and more slutty positions with perverted granny – the most depraved orgy you have ever seen!

Type: 3D hentai comix | Artist: Sonofka | 103 pics

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Koro’s hentai collection vol.1

Adorable and passionate hentai lolicon collection with quality images. Cute and sexy loli girls with wet tiny cunts and smooth bodies enjoying hot sex with men and with each others.

Type: hentai images | Artist: Koro | 36 pics

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Sad(istic) tales hentai collection vol.4

Sad(istic) tales” is a series which contains the most rough and violence hentai lolicon images. It includes hard raping, humilating, BDSM, torture, bondage and other hard things.  Only for genre lovers. WARNINGS : hard rape, bondage, violence, BDSM, humilating, torture.

Type: 3D hentai images | Artist: Various | 81 pics, 2 bonus mp4-animations

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Jader’s hentai collection vol.1

Very hot and passionate furry hentai collection. Cute furry girls very like to posing naked and playing naughty sex games with furry men and shota boys.

Type: hentai images | Artist: Jader | 31 pics

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Mr. Smith’s 3D hentai collection vol.1

Amazing and extremely hot lolicon hentai collection! How about hot sex? Soft vaginal sex? Maybe hard anal sex? Or maybe very extreme sex with alien? Nevermind, little slutty girls from this hentai collection very like all kinds of sex in various positions!

Type: 3D hentai images | Artist: Mr. Smith | 65 pics

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Little Girl 4

Very hot and hardcore lolicon hentai manga by incredible artist! Very cute little girl prostitute anally and vaginally raped by two men until they were cum inside her hot and tiny girlish holes.

Type: hentai manga | Artist: Rustle | 25 pics

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Fuckable toys diary vol.5

Fuckable toys diary” is a hentai series which contains a most quality images of little loli girls enjoying all kinds of sex like an anal, oral and vaginal sex with their friends and each others.

Type: 3D hentai images | Artist: Various | 57 pics, 2 gif-animations

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Hanged man’s hentai collection vol.1

Very hot and hardcore hentai lolicon collection. Cute little girls used like a suckable, fuckable and rapeable toys in various slutty positions for oral, vaginal and anal sex!

Type: hentai images | Artist: Hanged man | 32 pics

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Himawari Uzumaki Big Rule 34 Hentai Collection

This wonderful and huge loli hentai pack contains rule34 themed images and animated gifs of character from popular anime and manga “Boruto” – Himawari Uzumaki. This little girl is a smallest (and sexiest) daughter of Naruto. In this pack you’ll find that she likes fucking hard with her daddy and mommy, fucking with her older friends and even with her dog and various strangers on the streets of Konoha. Enjoy!

Type: 3D/2D hentai images | Artist: Various | 275 pics, 5 aGifs

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My beast friend

Very cute and horny little girl enjoying an afternoon of hot oral and vaginal sex with her beloved dog in various slutty positions. And it’s a very quality 720p (HD) video!

Type: 3D hentai video | Artist: MMS | Time: 04:07 | Quality: 720p

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Tiny Evil part 1

Very hot and passionate hentai lolicon manga about a cute succubus loli girl who seduces and rapes her minion-human in various slutty positions until he cum inside her pussy.

Type: hentai manga | Artist: Muk | 27 pics

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Glorious cuties 3D hentai collection vol.4

Glorious cuties” is a hentai loli series which contains the most beautuful images of cute little girls who very like to posing naked, showing their perfect bodies and juicy pussies, masturbating or playing sex games with other girls and men.

Type: 3D hentai images | Artist: Various | 45 pics, 15 gif-animations

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